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Sir, Regarding ‘Romania fumes at Franco-German Schengen blockade‘: The Jesuit Refugee Service is seriously concerned about the recent announcement by the Greek Minister of Citizens’ Protection that the Greek government is considering building a fence along the 12.5km section of Greece’s land border with Turkey, and about the weak reaction from the European Commission. We… » read more

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Sir, It must be borne in mind that the dispute started when the Geneva police briefly detained a Libyan national, who happened to be Colonel Gaddafi’s son, for alleged assault and battery against two of his staff. In a civilised European country, no-one is above the law and no-one should be allowed to molest someone… » read more

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Sir, Regarding ‘Interview: Russia not to blame for Caucasus war threat’: Ambassador Chizov obviously lives on a different plane from those of us who choose to base our judgements on facts and not propaganda. When the NATO secretary general offers to eat his tie in reaction to outrageous Russian claims (“NATO chief offers to eat… » read more

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