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Sir, Regarding ‘G8 pledges sustainability in food security drive‘: Your article highlights the urgent need to raise agricultural productivity. The G8’s forecast corroborates the trend experts have anticipated for some time: global demand is exceeding growth in global supply. Moreover, we have limited time in which to double the fruit, vegetables and grains that we… » read more

Posted by Andreas

Sir, In recent months EurActiv has published several very useful articles and reports on the new EU legislation on pesticides. Your latest LinksDossier “Pesticides: Striking the right balance?” is another useful contribution. However, I was surprised that it made no mention at all of the fundamental nature of the change this legislation would bring about… » read more

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Sir, We welcome international discussion on the role of biofuels in meeting the world’s energy needs. While the Gallagher Review is specific to the United Kingdom’s own renewable fuels policies, it is fair to note that the research done by U.S. experts and the U.S. Department of Agriculture has shown that biofuels-related feedstock demand has… » read more

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Zum Artikel ‘Europaabgeordnete unterstützen Verbot von Farbstoffen in Lebensmitteln’: In einer Zeit, in der sehr gut bekannt ist, dass jeder dritte Allergiker ist und die Zahl der Umwelterkrankten rapide steigt (rund 15% in Industrienationen), wäre es in keinster Form mehr nachvollziehbar, warum nicht EU-weit von chemischen Zusatzstoffen Abstand genommen wird. Es ist ganz simpel auf… » read more

Posted by sylvane_casademont