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Sir, In Afghanistan, a lot of children are subject to exclusion from and within the education system. Female children, children affected by conflict and war, children with disabilities, nomadic (Kuchi) children, children from poor economic backgrounds, working children and children affected by drugs are just some of the vulnerable groups. In 2009, more that six… » read more

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Sir, Regarding ‘Teachers back ‘personal adoptive’ language proposal’: In your article you cited me as ‘complaining’ about not knowing what the EU programme on multilingualism will look like come September. Since we are speaking about languages, the word ‘complain’ has a specific meaning in this context. To set the record straight, I did not complain… » read more

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Sir, Regarding ‘Teachers back ‘personal adoptive language proposal’: I am writing to you (in English as the lingua franca) because you attended the public hearing on multilingualism in Brussels on 15 April. I would like to point to the fact that in the whole discussion, there is a widely neglected aspect: character sets. Our modern… » read more

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