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Sir, Your LinksDossier on the PSD (‘Payment Services Directive: The end of cash era‘) states: “The Payment Services Directive does not cover Internet payments. Online purchases are regulated by the eMoney Directive adopted in 2000. The Commission is currently waiting for the PSD to enter into force before coming out with new proposals to amend… » read more

Posted by Andreas

Sir, Regarding ‘EU expert group calls for tightened financial supervision‘: A new report from Corporate Europe Observatory, entitled ‘Would you bank on them?’, tried to highlight the problems of privileged access and policy capture by vested interests that can result in flawed policies and regulations. In the report, we examined whether the group’s members represent… » read more

Posted by Andreas

Sir, EU regulators continue to call for a third pan-European card payment system. All well and good. However, their commitment to stoking payment network competition and how they’ve pursued it leave much to be desired. Their actions suggest they simply want another regulated card-payment network public utility, one they can call European. Regulators worry the… » read more

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