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Regarding ‘NATO warned against strikes on Libya’s ‘great river”:

This Great Man-Made River (GMMR) Project must be stopped.

The water comes from the deep-seated resources of the Sahara. There is no such thing as a free water supply anywhere. If you extract this deep-seated water from below the Sahara the result is that water will be deprived from elsewhere around the Sahara: and it has.

Al Gore suggetsed that Lake Chad was drying up due to global warming that has been partly encouraged by man. I beg to differ! I believe that he is almost certainly wrong here. By taking the deep-seated water from the Sahara, a natural rebound source of water for Lake Chad has been diverted northwards to Libya.

Take a look at the map, and look at the geological sequencing of the underlying ground strata below the Sahara.

We already have the disaster of the Aralskoye Moye and the equal devastation of the Caspian Sea looming. Now with the Chadian Sea becoming a potential dry lake by 2030, the time has come to consider whether there is a serious impact here created by the GMMR. There is doubt and there is a concern.

There is no such thing as a free lunch in this world and a stop to these grandiose projects that were raised by political leaders such as those in Libya may not be such a bad thing.

Carol Horner

Private citizen

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