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A Erasmus for seniors


I don’t think Europe takes sufficient account of the views, life and the role that retirees can play in exchanges between populations. The 3rd age (before becoming dependent) is a great opportunity to bring together a section of the European population whose number is increasing in Europe, and whose influence on economic, social, environmental and political life is considerable, reinforced by the Internet and social networking phenomena.

The elderly population is not as backward as people might think. It is able to evolve and see the future, both its own and its children’s, while taking into account its wealth of experience.

I’m for the creation of a ‘Erasmus Seniors’, for there is no reason to lock senior citizens into a narrow territory: the impact on European society of creating such a scheme would be at least as significant as it has been for young people.

I would be willing to participate in this project.

A. Blanchard

Active for 64 years

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  1. I am been wanting to create my own structure to work from for about 15 years now. I am 59 years old. Bills and home duties have often made me focus on taking up a part time job, or doing a short contract.

    Indeed, I would be very interested in an Erasmus scheme, especially if it has a monitoring system and mentors.

    Please count me in.

    Jean Ann Alexandre

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