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The total cost of EU regulation on SMEs is estimated at 123.8 billion euros or 3.5% of EU GDP. It takes each SME on average seven hours a week to comply with this administrative burden.

The European Commission’s own figures show that 44% of SMEs consider themselves as operating in an over-regulated environment. Partly as a result of this 1.7m SMEs fail every year in the EU: that’s nearly 5,000 every day. As leaders of Europe’s small business organisations, we know only too well the difficulties our members face as a result of unnecessary EU regulation.

If we are to move our economies forward then we need to make it easier for people to start or grow a business, not place obstacles in their way. If the burden of unnecessary regulation could be lifted from the EU’s 23 million SMEs, they would be free to get on with creating employment, opportunity and innovation. It is worth remembering that if only 50% of the EU’s SMEs employed just one extra person there would be an additional 10 million jobs.

We therefore call on all members of the European Parliament, when they are in Strasbourg this week, to support Written Declaration 88/2010 on the administrative burdens of small and medium-sized enterprises.

John Walker, National Chairman, Federation of Small Businesses (UK)

Tina Sommer, President, European Small Business Alliance (EU)

Xavier R. Durieu, Secretary General, EuroCommerce (EU)

Dieter Ibielski, Union Mittelstandischer Unternehmen, (DE)

John Brazier, Managing Director, Private Contractors Group (UK)

Andreas Demmer, Managing Director, Zentralverband Spedition &m logistic (DE)

Vida Kozar, Director, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (SI)

Jose Alves da Silva, President, PME Portugal, (PT)

Salvador García Torrico, President, CONAE (ES)

Stuart Rodriguez, Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses (GI)

Basilios Tsiounis, President, EUMU Hellas (GR)

Günay Çerkez, President, KTTO (N-Cyprus)

Catherine Enngelau, DV (SE)

Andre Groot, CEI (EU)

Philippe Ruelens, Director, National Syndicaat Zelfstandigen (BE)

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