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Regarding ‘Barroso: Media freedom is ‘our sacred principle’‘:

Hungary would veto Romania’s accession to Schengen if pressed by the EU to alter its recent press legislation.

In turn Romania would veto Treaty change to allow the 18 additional MEPs to sit in the European Parliament and impose a CVM clause on Croatia’s accession to the EU.

Bulgaria would veto every EU decision if Romania is granted preferential treatment.

Etc., etc. …

Will the Commission please stop this blackmail roundabout and remind member states of their obligations of “loyal cooperation” under Art. 4§3 of the Treaty?

Jean-Guy Giraud


UEF France

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  1. Will the European Union Institutions please start to respect the concept of subsidiarity, part of the Lisbon Treaty, and refrain from imposing the same standard rules to every country and region, preserving one of the fundamental characteristics of Europe, its socio-cultural diversity ?

    Will the European Union Institutions start to restrict the ‘export’ of excessive profits by multinationals, from any country, according the long-term benefits for the whole of society in the given countries ?

    This would motivate more than any else the re-motivation of european citizens for the cause of Europe, and for its real societal growth.

  2. Would Comission please remind arrogant French and German leaders not to make decisions regarding the whole EU in a separate face to face meetings which are then presented to the public as EU consensus and “in the best EU interest”.Its pretty annoying and undemocratic but of course whenever France and Germany do that its ok but when countries from Central Europe do that its nationalist, xenophobic and uneuropean..( see Sarkozy’s comments about V4 + Baltics and Balkan meetings). Talkin about decisions that are in EU citizen’s best interest?What about letting them have their say..Oh yes I forgot that it would be too expensive becouse any referendum would have to be repeated over and over again till the public finally make the “right” decision..

  3. Just a few words: as far as this “loyal cooperation” is concerned, what about the sovereignty of each member state? Becoming a EU member state means that you cannot anymore state openly your opinions because of this article of the Treaty? Oh, I got the picture, being part of EU means obeying the order “get back in line, soldier” whenever France and Germany say so….

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