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Regarding ‘Cameron rallies troops for budget battle‘:

UK Prime Minister David Cameron said last July that he would strongly support Turkey’s EU membership. But today I have my doubts.

The EU membership of Turkey is possible towards 2016-2020 on the condition that the next budget of the EU for 2014-2020 foresees some funds for Turkey. But Cameron seems to be suggesting the opposite. I quote: “UK Prime Minister David Cameron came to a two-day EU summit which concludes today (17 December) with plans to build an alliance in favour of capping the European Union’s multi-annual budget for the post-2014 period.”

And I quote this too: “Reportedly, Cameron is insisting that the long-term EU budget must be frozen at 2013 levels and only increased according to the rate of inflation. Cameron has apparently secured the support of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and some other leaders.”

I trusted Mr Cameron. But now I feel betrayed. It’s a very strange alliance. How can he support Turkey’s EU membership with such behaviour? Not to mention in an ‘alliance’ with Sarkozy and Merkel?

I believed in David Cameron, but he turned out not to be sincere at all. I can no longer see how he is strongly supporting Turkey.

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  1. Turkey subscribes to the OIC´s Cairo declaration of human rights (which equals sharia); their opposed to the UN declaration of human rights and therefore do not at all belong in the EU. If Cameron wants it to enter the EU based on economic arguments he’s a damn fool.

  2. Why can Turkey not join the EU but without the funds you mention?

    After all, joining will still bring many advantages.

    Or are you saying Turkey only wants to join because it wants money from other countries?

  3. Turkish ministers in private say their main aim in joining the European Union is to secure extra funding to support the country’s role as a regional superpower. Seems to me that it shouldn’t be the European tax-payer who should fund Turkey’s imperialist Ottoman ambitions and it should be Ankara, especially now that it is wealthy and enjoys a successful economy, that should be investing in the education, health and job prospects of its poorer south eastern mostly Kurdish region. It is completely unacceptable that Turkey wants to join the EU in order to get the British and Germans to pay billions to improve the standard of living and education of its ethnic Kurdish citizens. Europeans are quite happy to have Turkey as an EU member but Turkey must invest in its own country and its own ethnic minorities first, and show that it is truly a multi-ethnic and democratic state. Also Turkey should invest in its own people so that when Turkey joins the EU, there is no mass exodus from Turkey to West European states, something that would damage Turkish citizens who are already isolated in Turkish ghettos in Europe after several generations and refuse to integrate, and would not do Turkey’s reputation any favours if it is seen as a country whose population is just waiting to leave the Turkish Republic as soon as possible if given the opportunity.

  4. Good evening,

    I didn’t know that my message was published!! That’s why I couldn’t answer to you earlier. Sorry.

    I didn’t write that Turkey wants to join the EU in order to get some EU funds. Not at all.

    Well, when a new country becomes an EU member, the EU long-term budget had long before to foresee some funds. That was and still is the case for every EU member.

    (Since 1981, Greece received 100 billion euros from the EU budget. So did Spain. But today, Greece knocks at the EU door because it doctored its statistics in order to fool the EU. A Turkish economist said that Greece is in a deep crisis because its economy can stand only thanks to financial support. That’s why Greece will be in a new crisis within 10 years.).

    Thus, we will know if Turkey will become an EU member towards 2014-2020 only by waiting for the 2014-2020 EU budget.

    But I am sure that Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel try to sabotage the EU membership of Turkey by trying to reduce that crucial budget.

    Mr Cameron went to Turkey last july and said that he will be a strong supporter of Turkey’s EU bid within the EU.

    That made me happy.

    I understand very well that he wants his country to contribute less to the EU budget. He’s absolutely right. But through that “alliance” with Mr Sarkozy and Ms Merkel, will he be able to stand to his commitment of last july?

    Doesn’t Mr Cameron know that Turkey will not wait longer at the EU door?

    In my opinion, if Turkey doesn’t become an EU member towards 2014-2020, I am not sure that it will wait another 7 years.

    I really don’t care of the EU funds (Turkey will certainly receive some EU funds, but it will also have to contribute greatly to the EU bugget once it becomes a member. Why? Owing to its strong economy and its sound oil and gas reserves in the Black sea).

    By the way, Turkey is already spending huge amounts of money in order to become an EU member: Turkey has to spend at least 60 billion euros regarding the Environment chapter!!

    And Turkey is developping itself (with its money) at a very fast pace:

    for instance it built many new universities, schools and hospitals in its east. Many.

    For instance it built thousands kilometres of new highways throughout beautiful Anatolia.

    And Turkey already built two highspeed train lines: Ankara-Eskisehir and, as far as I remember, Ankara-Konya (Spain succeeded in selling its highspeed trains. Everybody understands why France was not chosen).

    And most of every town of Turkey will be connected through dozens of new highspeed train lines: Istanbul-Ankara, Istanbul-Antalya, Ankara-Konya,……

    That’s great. I am very happy. The landscapes will be fantastic!!

    Can you imagine the Edirne-Kars journey aboard a highspeed train? The extreme west of Turkey connected to the extreme east!

    For instance two new big airports are being built in eastern Turkey.

    The second longer bridge of the world will connect Istanbul to Izmir (3 kilometres).

    Several new metro lines were built in Istanbul.

    A third airport will be built in Istanbul.

    A new football stadium, the TT Arena, was built (that will help Turkey to organize the world cup or the European championship).

    Turkey invested 300 millions euros in order to organize the University Winter games. Not in istanbul or in the capital Ankara, but in the east: in Erzurum. They will start next thursday.

    A symbolic masterpiece: Marmaray, which will connect the European shore of Istanbul to its Anatolian shore. Maramaray is a train tunnel underneath the Bosphorus. The travel will last 4 minutes (More grandiose than the Eurostar?).

    All these great projects are paid by the Turkish citizens, not the EU.

    Thus, Turkey doesn’t need the EU funds in order to develop itself.

    Whereas Greece always needed colossal funds to modernize itself (and no one is disturbed about that, but people prefer pointing one’s finger at Turkey. But let’s be clear: it is not Turkey that started an economic crisis in the EU, it is Greece, which did doctor its statistics). And at the same time, Greece disgracefully and selfishly vetoed Turkey’s EU membership candidacy until 1999 (now it’s the Greek Cypriots who are vetoing its EU membership. What a wonderful world!).

    When Greece became an EEC/EU member, it was very poor and a military coup was very recent. Though that was not a problem for the EEC and Mr Valéry G. D., the french president of the time who really hates Turkey.

    When Italy became an EEC/EU member (or a founding member), in spite of its Mezzogiorno, poor too, that was not a problem.

    Poland became a member, and it takes advantage of the EU funds, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem.

    Even France takes advantage of the EU budget.

    Well, when Turkey is a member of the European Union, it will have to wait several years in order to be included in the Schengen zone. That was underlined before the decision to open the negotiations was taken in 2004.

    But Günter Verheugen said that to believe that millions of Turks of eastern Turkey will come in the EU makes no sense. Anyway, in the short run, the EU will need 2,5 million of foreign labour force. And according to an Italian and to a Greek politicians, in the long run (2030), the EU will need 100 million of foreign workforce! So some people should stop claiming that the Turks will invade the EU, because anyway, the EU will ask Turkey (a candidate country to the EU since 1999) to provide it with workers.

    Lastly, regarding the OIC, I don’t know why Turkey decided to be a member. Perhaps that it wants to influence the countries of Muslim religion. Otherwise, why would Turkey have decided to become a member of such an organization? Turkey’s goal has always been the EU membership (since 1959).

    Turkey is an independent secular country. And it always will be.

    I can’t explain here everything i ndetails because it would be too long.

    That’s why I want to suggest some articles of mine. I hope that you will read some of them (thanks in advance for your kind patience, and apology to the EurActiv editor regarding the length of my answer):

    1/ The Cyrpiot issue:

    2/ Another article that deals with the Cypriot issue:

    3/ Why Turkey must be an EU member:

    4/ Atatürk and the positive Turkish nationalism:

    5/ Ankara – Athens and Brussels:

    Eventually, here is an article in which you can find a part about Mr Cameron and his visit to Turkey last july:

    Best regards,


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  6. Hi Cem,

    You put it very rightly but might want to consider some further elements (with all respect):

    First, the position of Cameron is from the UK point of view of a Free-Trade Europe and I think that this is how he must be interpreted. Be carefull though, as he speaks very comfortably from the UK rebatte point of view, which limits the contribution of the UK to the EU Cohesion Funds. So you might well join the party, as long as I am not paying the drinks, basically that is what he says.

    The reality for the others though, is that Turkey might very well join the Free-Trade Europe of Mr Cameron, but probably not the Europe of the Cohesion transfer funds, simply because as the letter very elloquently puts it, the EU does not have enough money to invest in Turkey according to the present Cohesion Fund model. This has always been my guess and was quite easy to decode from the messages of different sources.

    As for the more and more real (that we like it or not) Political and Fiscal Union (which is becoming, a forteriori a reality with the so-called debt crisis), I believe that Turkey will opt for a Danish-like position, “I am in the party, but incognito” -the same applying to great extend to Russia (look at the Euro-Rubble practically constant exchange since 2004- wherein it is clear that the major political and economic decisions are taken “ensemble” but formally independetly.

    As for joining the political Europe of the

  7. Dear Moderator,

    Without willing to be intrusive, but have you really moderated the comment of Mr. BARBAROS? You really have a funny sense of moderation 🙂

  8. In reply to the above comment about moderation,

    Our apologies if you were offended by Barbaros’ comment. It was published purely in the interests of freedom of speech and in no way reflects the opinions of the moderators.

  9. Sir, Madam

    Please read second line, sixth and seventh words of Mr. Barbaros comment. Diffamation is not related, juridically with freedom of speech. Personally I would be very carefull publishing such contributions in a respectable media.

  10. I do not know why anybody wants to join the EU. It is a corrupt, undemocratic organisation whose only object is to dominate Europe. It does not accept arguments against its declared aims. In order to win its case it is prepared to bribe its way to victory as happened in the case of Ireland’s referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. The same is probably happening with its budget – an increase was refused so it the demanded a “Contingency Fund” to make up the shortfall. It also claims that it is not like EU member countries in this time of financial crisis so it must have the money. It refuses to recognise that if there no money available it cannot have it.The only part of the EU which is democratically elected is the European Parliament which has no power.

    It is run by a dictator by the name of Manuel Barroso. The sooner it collapses the better.

  11. To daniele:

    in my article above listed as n° 3, I explain why Turkey must absolutely be an EU member (My aunt who lives in Turkey liked it, and that went straight to my heart!).

    To put it in a nutshell, with “Turkey inside”, the EU will save the world.

    Some may mock at me, but I don’t care. People have to know that the world is in danger. More than they could think.

    Best regards,


    PS. Anyway the whole world is corrupt. But I do agree that Mr Barroso is the puppet of Mr Sarkozy, Ms Merkel and of some industrial lobbies.

    PPS. I am very eager to publish my next 10 articles! I hope that you as well as some other readers will post comments (comments are also welcome about my former articles).

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