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Regarding ‘Italy isolated as ten countries unite on patents‘:

Today, most technical and commercial communications are in English, while an inventor’s mother tongue is their most precise communication tool.

Why not combine the two (the inventor’s usual language + English) in a two-column layout where paragraphs in one language are aligned next to the other. This would maintain a good place for all European languages while allowing information sharing.

An example:

Christophe Dupriez


Author :


  1. Good evening,
    I feel that this idea is brilliant. As an English teacher, I strongly encourage my students to read bilingual texts. This facilitates their comfort in the language to be acquired. Their first instinct may be to refer to their mother tongue. But if they are really meaningful in acquiring the new language, i.e. English, they tend to try their hand out at the English text and refer to the mother tongue version to check if they had scored correctly in their interpretation. My students gain in confidence, mastery and a psychological boost, a fantastic achievement to carry over to Step 2 – What’s next ? Bit by bit, they learn to fly and then, they soar. Rome was not built in one day. Let’s all go into the proper gear and share knowledge around. Thank you for introducing this technique into the enterpreneural scene. It works.

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