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Regarding ‘Chinese Nobel boycott divides EU’s ‘inner circle’‘:

The Nobel Peace Committee must act now. The Nobel Peace Prize as a means to inspire peaceful coexistence is fading.

The Nobel Peace Committee must eventually recollect and act according to the clear, explicit and unambiguous last-will and testament of Alfred Nobel, to reward: “…the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between the nations and the abolition or reduction of standing armies and the formation and spreading of peace congresses”.

The Nobel Peace Committee is jeopardising the moral value of this distinguished prize, by choosing to award it on the basis of empty promises (‘Yes we can’), or to individuals fighting a political system within a particular country.

And that is a great pity for Alfred Nobel, for the Nobel Peace Committee, and for all of us who believe in the potentially useful and inspirational role of the Nobel Peace Price.

At the same time, the Committee is failing to recognise real achievements towards lasting peace.

The Nobel Peace Committee must sooner or later recognise that the most successful promoter of peace, prosperity and tolerance in modern times is the European Union as an institution.

The initial objective of the founding fathers – to prevent war between former adversaries and bring lasting peace to Europe – has been achieved. Since its inception following WWII, the EU members have co-existed peacefully.

All developments that have taken place as a consequence and have led to today’s peaceful EU of 27 member states are ‘peace dividends’. The current financial crisis is hence not a threat to the existence of the Union, but a simple bump in the road.

Dr. Gilbert Fayl & Ulric Fayl von Hentaller

Private citizens

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  1. The EU is definitely a more supreme candidate than a president of the United States that had not done literally nothing when he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. Indeed, it is the first time that I have witnessed a Nobel Prize being given for what might happen in the future through the actions of a US president. Was Barrack Obama more fitting for the Peace Prize than the EU… I think not.

    Consequently I agree with the authors and where if the Nobel Committee does not get back to the basics of what the award to given, the peace prize will have little future impact or influence on the thinking on the matter of future human peaceful co-existence.

    The prize and committee has therefore to go back to its roots and what Nobel originally envisaged the prize be given for.

    Dr David Hill
    World Innovation Foundation

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