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Regarding ‘EU to raise trade defences against foreign state aid‘:

This is short-termism as usual from the EU and will not really work in the long-term interest of the EU. It is about time, therefore, for the EU to get ‘real’ and understand its major deficiency, address it at its core as an emergency measure and act quickly upon rectifying the dire situation.

The EU simply looks at defences […] In reality Europe should be concentrating on a long-term ‘offensive’ trade strategy. For nothing else will achieve the holy grail of wealth-creation for our future years in perpetuity, our long-term sustainability and our advancement in successful world trade.

The EU has to restructure and re-engineer its fundamental innovation base and it has to become systematic with a completely new approach and deliverance. Presently we have a mundane system or ad hoc deliberations that just do not gel.

To bring Europe together to form the greatest innovation system in the world, we need to construct the creative infrastructure that can liberate the vast vessel of innovation that is current locked-up within Europe. This we have to do for our own good and for that of our children. For releasing innovation at the leading edge of creativity is what makes nations the most dominant economic powers in the world. If we do not understand this, we are fooling ourselves and fooling the futures for our young.

Consequently the EU and all nations within the EU must as a primary directive for Europe establish a pan-European open research incubator network for all EU citizens. Each nation should have at least one and they should be interconnected across Europe and linked to our leading universities and corporate research centres of excellence.

For without such an open system to release the leading-edge thinking of Europeans, we might as well in the EU reside ourselves to the fact that we will stay in a relative state of constant decline against a backdrop of the ultra-emerging powerhouses of South-East Asia. For Europe’s integrated innovation neglect, as the history of the EU has shown us, is the major reason why we are in the poor economic state that has festered for over a quarter of a century now due to an illogical mindset that service industries are our financial salvation.

Now that the chickens have all come home to roost we see the total fallacy of putting our faith and trust in banks and the service industries in general. No, now is the time for Europe to grasp the mantle and to liberate its suppressed creativity and to unleash this world leading thinking of ‘its people’ (the best in the world according to international studies), which has – like in the past – transformed the world forever.

For currently we exist in the EU within a cocoon of elitism and this has been the overall reason for our constant economic decline against Asia. Indeed keeping this status quo will continue to kill off any meaningful innovative thinking that literally can create trillions in revenues for Europe. Our elitism has for self-preservation and self-interest forbidden the inclusion of all those who can literally/really change the world and the EU itself: the people of Europe themselves.

For they hold the secret to our economic dynamism and the majority do not dwell within the confines of our elitist thinking at universities or advanced corporate research centres. This is the greatest reason why we in Europe are stagnant in terms of world-leading economic vivacity and thinking, as we totally ignore the vast majority of our people’s innovative thinking.

There are dire consequences of neglecting over 95% of Europeans. Get these 95% of people in Europe harnessed and involved, then we would see the EU literally move economic mountains. But will we do this? I very much doubt it, as the intellectual elitism that has destroyed us will continue to do so because they are only interested in the preservation of themselves and their totally flawed, non-performing mindsets of continual decline.

We therefore need an innovation revolution in Europe and a completely new perspective, creative base and human endeavour: definitely not the failed tried and tested system that we have presently, which is dispatching future Europeans to relative poverty in comparison with our ‘ever-growing’ Asian economic competitors, who march on relentlessly.

This is basically the most important long-term problem that we simply have to address.

Dr David Hill
Executive Director
World Innovation Foundation Charity
Bern, Switzerland

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