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Regarding ‘Relief as drug ‘advertising’ plan ditched‘:

As a student at a university in the United States, I think it would be in Europe’s best interest to allow prescription drugs to be advertised. The US is one of two countries that allows this and it has proven to be very beneficial.

All of the experts whose opinions were stated in the article had very valid points when they said that patients should have the right to see medicines that could potentially help them.

Having said that, restrictions should be put in place because some companies leave out side-effects that their medicines could cause.

Dan Keller


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  1. I disagree mainly due to the whole nature of big pharma – with so many prescription drugs posing a serious threat to health if wrongly or often, even ‘rightly’ used, it would be unethical to allow them to advertise; there are plenty of sites online which give detailed descriptions of various illnesses & methods of treatment -; at end of day health-care should not be about profit but about successful treatment with the most successful medication – unfortunately, in countries like the UK, many of the more potent drugs against cancer & blindness for example, are not available because they’re ‘too expensive’. It is of course completely ridiculous that a whole nation of national insurance contributors cannot afford most up-to-date treatments for all – but then, there’s a private service vying for a chunk of the scare-mongered market…

  2. If you look at the sophisticated level of pharma advertising and how prospective customers are targeted, I feel it would be a good thing if doctors would make some recommendations.

    Every week I see two more new “diseases” invented (and then pills that “cure” them).

  3. Are you a pharmacy student?

    Advertising of prescription drugs in the US is beneficial ONLY to the Pharmaceutical companies’ pocket books! Drug company advertising needs to be RE BANNED in the US. All it does is cause patients to pester their doctors for the nice new [later found to be deadly] drug. And many doctors stupidly comply. After all, it keeps the patient coming back for office visits to review the situation in order to re-prescribe the drug.

    The only one who does not benefit usually is the patient!!! But what the heck, both the pharmaceutical company and the doctor got their cuts out of the deal. The patient paid for the drug and the side effects.

  4. As a nurse who provides care and extensive education to adult patients, my belief is that there should ABSOLUTELY NOT be “direct to consumer” advertising done by big Pharma.
    After31 years as a nurse, I am very well aware that the typical patient does not understand much of anything regarding exactly what medications are needed or appropriate for any particular illness. Additionally, in the US we have found that as a result of these very effective commercials, patients are applying tremendous pressure (during their medical visits) to have a particular drug prescribed for them.
    These commercials ONLY benefit the pharmaceutical industry and do nothing to assist the patient/consumer.
    Let’s get real folks. You really do need a rather sophisticated understanding of the human body and pharmacology in order to ask for or suggest a particular drug for any health problem that you are seeing your health care provider for.
    The pharma people know exactly how to get their products sold………..have the patients pressure the MD’s.

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