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Regarding ‘Brussels drops antitrust probes into Apple’s iPhone‘:

I wonder if Brussels will be doing the same thing for the new appliance from Apple, the iPad, which in the past month has been updating its terms and conditions of use to more restrictive and un-European rules.

While the US with its states is regarded as one country, here in Europe they apply the well-proven tactics of ‘Divide and Conquer’.

Just to give an example of this strategy, in the last two updates of the iPad’s terms – which they change at will without giving users any chance to reply – now the users are divided among the local (national) iTunes stores (of course completelly virtual).

If you are a French citizen who has gone to work in another country, you may not access your French iTunes store because you are out of your territtory (as Apple calls it, as if it was the Far West). So you may need to get a train to the nearest border to access it. Not only that: if you are English and you love your BBC podcasts, but unfortunately you live in Italy and opened an account there, well, say goodbye to your podcasts, for they are not available anymore from the italian iTunes.

Beware, for they have (as stated in the terms and conditions) installed a spycheck in your iPad that will check for this.

This is Europe: do we need a Third World War to change national borders so that Apple can give me back those services that it has taken away without consultation?

Incredibly enough, when the iTunes store sends you your purchase receipt, it actually comes from Luxembourg! So where is the Spanish or Italian or German iTunes? I guess on a big server in Thailand or China.


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