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Regarding ‘Kroes wants to include developing countires in Internet governance‘:

The Internet Society welcomes EU Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes’ call for Internet governance to be extended to the developing world, given that emerging economies will soon have more web users than the EU and the US combined.

The Internet Society agrees that the plan for Kenya to host the next Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is a step towards taking Internet governance global.

For, to truly realise the benefits the Internet promises us all, we must all support the Internet model of development and work even more collaboratively to develop the Internet together worldwide.

This will ensure we have an Internet that should be all it can be – for each and everyone on this planet. The IGF is one venue, and a very important venue, that embodies this approach.

Clearly, the Internet Society supports the continuation of the IGF. We believe that the IGF has more to offer going forward; we believe for it to founder now would be a serious blow to advancing Internet governance. And we urge that the future of the IGF be decided in ways true to its multi-stakeholder foundation.

The Internet Society and the other organisations that make up the Internet community take their responsibilities for the overall health of the Internet, for the benefit of end-users, very seriously.

We urge all stakeholders, governments, the private sector, civil society, the Internet community and intergovernmental organisations to come together to protect and preserve the open Internet and its collaborative development model for the undeniable benefits it provides to all of us.

Frederic Donck

Internet Society

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