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Regarding ‘Finland eyes world’s first ‘green highway’‘:

It is indeed encouraging to read your news item on Finland’s ambition to create the first green highway in the world. However, Sweden and Norway are already almost there with a similar project, ‘Green Highway’, aka the E14, which stretches from the Atlantic to the Baltic, connecting Norwegian town Trondheim with Swedish town Sundsvall. You can obtain more information by clicking here.

In my opinion, credit is due to this project, which has been repeatedly advertised and made public in local media as well as in the national trade press.

Bengt Magnusson
Chefredaktör o europakorrespondent för tidskriften ERA
Editor-in-chief and Europe correspondent, ERA magazine

Svensk Energi – Swedenergy – AB
SE-101 53 Stockholm, Sweden


Rue de la Loi 227
B-1040 Brussels, Belgium

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  1. Well said Bengt Magnusson we had also known this in the UK and we were awaiting commentary from Norway and Sweden first to report same.

    It is very good news for Norway and Sweden to work in this common field and I can only hope that ”Other” Countries in Europe and Asia or indeed elsewhere take note and follow suit.

    Thank you for reporting this and let’s hope that the Researchers take note as well.

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