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Regarding ‘EU regulators deal blow to Berlusconi’s media empire‘:

I must say I do not share the prevalent satisfaction about the permission granted to Murdoch to enter the Italian audiovisual scene. The active anti-European ideological bias of the Murdoch press empire is responsible for desastrous disinformation on European affairs in several EU countries, notably the UK and Ireland (i.e. the latest episode of the 2008 referendum on the Lisbon Treaty).

This is certainly not a reason – under EU free competition rules – for preventing its access into the italian market. But the mere size of this non-European corporation in the EU press market should be closely looked into by the European Commission and by the European Parliament.


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  1. One can admire the way Murdoch does business (utterly aggressively, and with utter ruthlessness), whilst still finding him to be totally repulsive. Debasing media to the lowest common denominator has led much that he does in the UK to the gutter.

    Competition is a good thing, monopoly is a bad thing. The way in which his empire switches their attitude to those concepts by territory is worrying.

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