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Regarding ‘Macedonia name dispute inspires exotic idea‘ :

As has repeatedly been said, the Macedonia name dispute is a matter of culture and history. And yes, these factors determine the future trajectories of both the countries concerned.
The majority of FYROM’s population has nothing to do with Macedonian culture, which is Greek and reached its apex during the ancient Macedonian dynasty of Timenides, to which Philip B and Alexander the Great belong.

There is no Macedonian language, because we’re talking about the Greek language. The so-called ‘Macedonian’ language claimed by the FYROM people is a dialect of Bulgarian, using the Cyrillic alphabet and introduced to the Slav peoples by Greek scholars Cyril and Methodious from Thessaloniki during Byzantine times.

In turn, their accendants pay off for this major offer by acclaiming for theirs the possessions of their donors!!!
The newly-born state – a coincidence? – can be named after the capital city – Scopije- which is again a Greek name meaning ‘the place of the guard’, since that was the function of the place in Byzantine times, before becoming a city.

We continue to be generous enough to let other peoples live by exploiting the rich Greek language, since Greek names for cities are found in five continets across the globe. The Greeks are destined to offer themselves to humanity on the basis of mutual respect.

The FYROM people have to learn from this if they want to be accepted by the international community.



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  1. Interesting Anastasia, first time I have heard that “Skopje” is a Greek word! It’s outrageous that they are stealing our language and culture even here! But, who are “they”? If they are not “Macedonians” or “Bulgarians” then who are they? Or do they have no ethnicity or history at all, since, according to you, even Skopje is Greek? Did they come down from some other planet in the 20th century, or have they actually lived in the region for centuries, albeit invisible because they had no name or language?

    Of course, I know you think by posting here you are “explaining” to the “foreigners” our Greek rights, but all you do is make the Greek cause look even more idiotic and stupid. Because Greeks refused 20 years ago to agree to a name and denied the use of the word “Macedonia” in a composite name – as you are doing now – the whole planet actually refers to this country as Macedonia and its people as Macedonians (no one bothers with the term FYROM, and Greek insistence on it only makes Greeks come across as nasty people).

    By the way, I believe that academic linguists (ok, perhaps not Greek ones, but they’re alone in this) do claim that Macedonian is a separate Slavic language, and not Bulgarian.

    All you do with your post is come across as a narrow-minded, bigoted nationalist with extremist, twisted ideas. Even successive Greek governments are working towards a name for our neighbouring country that will feature the word Macedonia somewhere in it, but part of the reason that they are delaying a final settlement is that there are too many people like you in Greece.

  2. Anastasia you should go again in the school and please find the world maps before 1913 year where you should Se where is greece border and also have learn from what year you guys start to use name greece and when is form and who helped you to form greek modern state and who was the first king because you greeks doesn’t have greek king then German king,and ask why politicians and historians argue about Aleksandar the Macedonian why because Aleksandar was Macedonian not the greek and many many thinks you have to learn again why because of your greek propaganda you don’t know many thinks about Macedonia and about Greece ,then go and learn.And one more think when Aleksandar the great or the Macedonian was live greek name doesn’t egsist the only name was Atina and Sparta two cities state,after formation of the modern greek state with the help of Germany France and UK you guys start propaganda for use a name greek from 1924

  3. Thanks to the greek people to be so generous! Thanks to let all the rest of the world live by exploiting your rich language!

  4. Dear Anastasia,

    i can see your knowledge of history is very limited and one-sided. First of all, Skopje comes from the name “Skupi” and is from long time ago, before the roman and byzantinian empire.

    First of all FYROM is a name that does not exist – its a greek construct. Its called Republic of Macedonia. How would you like if i called your country “Former Turkish republic of Greece”? FTRG? Its not like there is a copyright on names.

    I have a cousin that is called Anastasia, so please don’t use that name in future. You can call yourself “The other girl that calls herself Anastasia” or TOGTCHA.

    I really don’t understand the greek arguing with all the neighbors, being completely like little kids even on name disputes with Cyprus, Macedonia etc etc… Its about time that Greece stops acting like a proud bully, making fight with everyone – and from other side they just exploit other countries, make crisis and brake the whole European peace and economy.

    So dear TOGTCHA, please grow up, its 21st century and this nationalistic propaganda you make is completely sad and not fitting the world’s cosmopolitan future..

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