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Regarding ‘EU, US try to defuse Turkey-Israeli tensions‘:

21st-century geopolitics might just be unwinding before our eyes with the watershed politics of the Turkish flotilla to Gaza and its massacre by Israel/IDF.

The level of military and security cooperation between Turkey and Israel hitherto was the envy of regional politics.

Now Arabs can count on Turkey to lead them against the illegal blockade of Gaza by Israel/IDF.

The UN Security Council Resolution will encourage Turkey to demand not only an apology but also for an “independent commission” to investigate the naval flotilla affair and report back to the UNSC – with or without support of declining powers the US and the EU.

EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton is a disaster!

Hari Naidu

Retired EU official

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  1. The size of a great man and the nation’s forgiveness

    But the Jews were mistaken as an active army sent to the ship, and I personally fear that Turkey could be put at the head of the Arab revolt. Israel would be a very bad position, ie a sandwich. Should I add this to the Palestinians this outcome can not wait to go back tit for tat, and it is a new regional war that will pull in many states and peoples of the world. Then the People’s Republic of China was the world’s policeman as it is now America.

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