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Regarding ‘Brussels steps up efforts on pension reform‘:

The problem of pensions for longer-living members of the EU is a mounting and unanswerable poser for our leaders. Additional problems are apparent in that: approximately 10% of the potential workforce that will eventually collect an OAP [old-age pension] do not work for their entire lives, another 10% who work for the EU and respective member states recieve up to 66% of their salaries as eventual pensions ( what a strain on public finaces: immediate action is required, starting with EU bureaucrats) .

That means that in the EU, which has approximately 500 million residents, 250 million of who are of working status, 50 million either work for the state or benefit from it. 25m are on 66% pension and 25m will recieve a state pension without working at all.

Do we not need immediate action?

Victor T Radford

EU citizen

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