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Regarding ‘Romania has EU’s deadliest roads, study reveals‘:

The article on Romania’s road seems correct. Last weekend, we hired a car and drove to Sighisoara, less than 100km from Sibiu, where we are volunteer pastors of an English-speaking congregation.

On Saturday, we drove an American-Romanian woman to her family’s home and saw one head-on crash, which happened on a curve.

Drivers here need to know that laws are not suggestions, and that overtaking and passing on a curve is wrong and stupid.

Pastors Michael and Jeri Lou Maus




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  1. Hello,

    the statement of Pastors Michael and Jeri Lou Maus is absolutely correct.

    Beside bad streets the drivers seem to have purchased their licences instead of successfully absolving driving tests.
    They are acting as if traffic rules are only recommendations.

    This situation is caused by all ineffecient governments and law making institutions of the past 20 years: Instead of continuosly educating drivers by TV, controlling traffic and effeciently fining, all drivers can do what they want. If fines of the police are not paid to the state authorities no one cares.

    This asocial behaviour is the Romanian understanding of “democracy”.

  2. Pierro, I am Romanian and I have driven six years in New Jersey and Pensylvania ,then four more years all over northern Italy in the Alps. The only difference in Romania is that there is not a wide network of motor-ways or autostrade. Outside motor-ways, the roads in Italy or USA are no better than in Romania. Country roads are bad everywhere. Until a normal network of motor ways or autostrade will be built ,the normal high ways will support heavier traffic hence more accidents. It has nothing to do with drivers.There are a lot of irresponsable idiots on the roads in USA as well as in Italy and I dont presume they bought their driving licences nor that this is their understanding of “democracy”. If thats the case it can be said they have a great experience.

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