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Regarding ‘EU unveils five-year digital economy plan‘:

ESOA (the European Satellite Operators Association) welcomes the European Commission’s Digital Agenda.

We support the ambitious targets of the Commission, but reiterate the need to decouple the immediate ‘Broadband for All’ objective from any bandwidth/speed requirement and therefore from the long-term Next Generation Access objective.

In that sense, only a mix of technologies – including satellite – will allow the Commission to meet the 2013 objectives of connectivity in all areas, including remote and rural ones.

As a concrete measure to support the achievement of the objectives, we propose publication of all EU broadband tenders on a pan-European website to maximise transparency and competition for the benefit of citizens.

We also believe that dedicated use of EU funds and encouragement from the EU to member states to use any technology available to achieve the target of 2013 will help achieve the goals.

Finally, we urges the Commission to apply the principles of technology neutrality correctly when assessing state aid cases.

Aarti Holla


European Satellite Operators Association

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