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Regarding ‘China, US ‘moving faster than EU’ on innovation‘:

The problem with EU bureaucrats is that they do not understand the fundamentals. They think that they do, but they do not. That is why the EU is failing in the innovation stakes against the growing innovation might of South-East Asia and China in particular.

All they consider is to get academia closer and closer to business and there lies the golden egg of economic dynamics. They forget that they need the world-changing ideas first.

Dr. Schuurmans’ complete confidence in entrepreneurialism is completely off the richter scale as it is a false one. Entrepreneurs, I would tell Dr. Schuurmans, are not innovators at the creative level of developing the fundamental basis of a new technology industry. That takes decades of dedication and private hard work, usually by independent innovators and inventors outside the confines of both academia or business.

Indeed, nearly all the major technologies that have transformed the world from the dark ages to modern times have developed in this way and not solely between academia and business, like Dr. Schuurmans seem to think.

Unfortunately for the ½ billion Europeans, the fixed-in-time mindset of the EIT chair will be a disaster for all in Europe as it is a stagnant strategy to nowhere. For we appear to presently live in a fool’s paradise, where the same tried and tested failed strategies are attempted time and time again and where all that we do is go round in circles.

It is no wonder, therefore, that Europe is failing in contrast to most of the other innovative and emerging nations of the world. Consequently, we have lost our way, and it is about time that Dr. Schuurmans and the EIT Board went back to basics and determined the fundamentals first and what is vitally missing.

If he does not know what these are and what is vitally missing, he should ring me). For if the EIT Board is serious, this means that they will really have to identify from where all ‘new’ wealth is created and where this is something that they apparently do not know presently. For without this knowledge, the EIT will become more of a death knell for economic dynamism in Europe than the catalyst that all Europeans critically need for their future and the futures of all European generations to come.

Dr David Hill

Executive Director

World Innovation Foundation Charity


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