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Regarding ‘Electric cars push needs ‘careful thinking’‘:

Misconceptions with respect to electric vehicles (EVs) and their acceptance by Joe Public abound. The recent comments by the International Energy Association (IEA) typify this.

PWR contrasts the comment:

“A careful study of customer preferences is crucial to avoid a situation where infrastructure and vehicles are built but no buyers are found.”

Let’s not forget the manufactured desire of people to purchase 4X4s (which are expensive, thirsty and completely impractical). If European companies can persuade people to buy pointless 4X4s then doing the same for EVs – which at least have a point (reducing greenhouse-gas emissions) – should not be difficult.

Am I missing something here?

Regarding range and quoting an analysis of the UK’s Department of Transport database, assuming a utilised range of 80 km (i.e. the capable range is much higher: between 120-240 km), 50% of all UK vehicle kilometres can be undertaken by EVs. The remaining distance is undertaken by a relatively small number of high-mileage individuals.

A PWR review of recent EV launches suggests that most meet the 120km+ range requirement. Although EVs tend to generate limited hot air, the comments on them, their current and future capabilities and their acceptance by the great European public seem to generate an abundance of hot air and facile comments.

To conclude: Fast charging = unnecessary (see above). Trickle charging = a timing problem, which is easily solved with current (and simple) technology). EV performance is now able to meet 50% of UK car mileage (and by extension probably a similar figure for other EU member states).

Mike Parr


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