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Regarding ‘Brussels pushes for electric cars‘:

Eurobat, the association of European storage battery manufacturers, supports the main themes of the Commission’s communication of 28 April 2010 on clean and efficient vehicles. Our members represent all major manufacturers and are up to the challenge to serve this fast growing market. They will continue to contribute to the technological advancement of batteries and electrical systems serving the entire supply chain. We will support development of standards.

We also believe that some aspects could be further explored. First, the recognition of early contributions to energy saving and emission reduction. For example, the current micro-hybrid technologies already reduce between 5-7% of CO2 emissions from passenger cars. These include start-stop systems and recuperation of braking energy through lead-based batteries. European industry is introducing these innovative solutions fast and is anticipated to become the world leader.

Second, all technologies must play a role and all can compete and complement each other. This co-existence, currently and in the long run, enables the ongoing improvement of each specific technology, characteristics and competitive advantages, and contributes to the long-term reduction of CO2 emissions.

Third, batteries play an increasingly important role in storing renewable energy at source or in intermediary stages, thereby contributing to the availability of green electrical energy. For example, solar or wind energy can be stored when supply is high and then used when demand peaks.

“Eurobat was actively involved in the stakeholder consultation,” said Alfons Westgeest, Eurobat secretary-general. “Our members will continue to support both policymakers and customer groups to deliver high-quality products for energy storage in automotive, renewable energy and industrial applications.”

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