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Regarding ‘Creative cities at centre of EU 2020 goals, says Barroso‘:

The EU will never excel in the innovation stakes when compared to its eastern counterparts. The reason for this is that they take innovation far more seriously than the EU.

For the only real way that the EU can ever excel over the growing scientific and technological might of South-East Asia is to introduce a system that all EU citizens can access.

History tells us that up to 75% of all the major inventions that have made the modern world what it is today initially emanated fron lone inventors, outside the confines of our universities and advanced corporate R&D centres.

Some may have worked at such establishments, but those establishments did not tell them to invent the World Wide Web, email, the microchip, etc, etc. For again, it was their own personal interests and hobbies that drove them to change the world forever, not a university or corporate laboratory.

Until the EU understands this and takes action to create a pan-European network of technological incubators for our inventors to work in (the best in the world, according to studies undertaken by the German and Japananese governments) their ideas will simply lay dormant in their minds and no more.

We therefore have to have the ideas people in pole position first and not like at present in the EU, where the horse is in front of the cart and can go nowhere special at all.

For more and the reasons why, please click here.

Dr. David Hill

Executive Director

World Innovation Foundation Charity

Bern, Switzerland

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