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Regarding ‘Europe 2020 plan ‘too long-termist’, critics say‘:

While it is right for your article to point out that the future has to be connected to the ‘now’ by taking concrete measures, I think this strategy paper needs quite another analysis and consequently criticism.

As a matter of fact, the strategy paper contains two major contentious points that are yet to be picked up on: 1) the European Commission is satisfied if 75% of the working population finds employment; and 2) ownership of Europe should be given to European institutions and political leadership.

If these points alone are understood as to what they really mean, i.e. in the case of unemployment, politicians do not see any failure of EU economic policy if we have unemployment up to 25% (if my reading is correct), then they can be very comfortable in their chairs. As for ownership, I thought the people of Europe should first of all have the feeling that they are involved in the decision-making process and not sidelined by a narrow definition of owners of Europe.

Both points raise very serious questions as to whether or not the European Commission is still in touch with reality!

Hatto Fischer

Poiein kai Prattein

(Greek NGO)

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