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Is SWIFT simply lying?


Regarding ‘EU, US re-assess SWIFT data-sharing deal‘:

The statements made by the spokespersons of SWIFT are very worrying. They originally said that servers have been moved to Switzerland and the Netherlands, but now admit that there are still servers in the US which hold EU banking data. Could it be that SWIFT has simply been lying all the time about what is really happening?

When will someone taking the management of SWIFT to court? Why don’t any MEPs (except a few Green and liberal ones) have the guts to stand up and say that the SWIFT agreement is simply wrong and should be binned? Why is everybody saying we need a ‘better’ agreement, and nobody saying we don’t need any agreement at all?

If the statements from SWIFT are correct, this also means that it is SWIFT staff who are determining whether data requests are justified or not. This reads quite differently from what the US Treasury stated when US newspapers uncovered the illegal practices of US authorities a few years ago.

I hope that MEPs will think twice before agreeing to any SWIFT agreement.

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