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Regarding ‘EU to pump €18m into flu research‘:

The swine flu and bird flu strategies to defeat these killer diseases with drugs are totally flawed. By the time we get any new kinds of antibiotic, most of us will be dead. The reason for this is that the Spanish flu did its worst between week 16 and week 26, when up to 100 million perished.

In the most recent attempt to get a vaccine quickly, it took six months (26 weeks) just to create the drug and have its safety tested. With no mass production and with global distribution logistics a nightmare, it would take at least 12 months from the onslaught of any pandemic for 50% to receive any treatment at best.

Therefore the only thing that will stop the eventual killer pandemic (Margaret Chan, director-general of the WHO, says it is only a matter of time) is to stop it at source and never let it happen in the first place – the preventative strategy.

Therefore let’s stop fooling ourselves that the drugs strategy will save us, as in reality, no matter when the terrible event happens, time will be totally against us all. Drugs are a complete waste of time but of course make vast fortunes for the powerful pharmaceutical companies and that is why stupid governments, politicians of all creeds and MEPs listen to them.

Dr. David Hill

Executive Director

World Innovation Foundation



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