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Regarding ‘EU-Macedonia relations‘:

First off, the reason FYROM was blocked from NATO was because the country applied for membership as ‘Macedonia’ and NOT as FYROM. Applying as ‘Macedonia’ and not as ‘FYROM’ is what violated the 1995 agreement, which the media is largely ignoring.

Secondly, in response to the former Green MEP Angelika Beer’s comment about “the absurdity of the slogan ‘Macedonia is Greek’,” her country, Germany, was against the idea of Austria calling itself the ‘German-Austrian Republic’ following WWI.

Germany, along with its allies, feared the future ramifications of the word ‘German’ in the new republic’s title and demanded that Austria change its name and remove the term ‘German’ from it, which they did.

Spiro, Private citizen

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  1. Spiro, Private citizen is inventing reasons for why Macedonia was blocked out from NATO in Bucharest… Please Spiro, humor us with more!

  2. As a german i completely support the brave macedonian people! The Greeks are traitors on the european unity! It´s a shameful behaviour and i hope,that Macedonia will soon join the NATO to gain security forever after centuries of wars and foreign occupation! Greece is a shame for Europe in these days,i am outraged! Long live Macedonia!!!


  3. Please Mr Kiro, study Balcan history…actually I challenge you to study ANY history…..

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