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Regarding ‘Jeleva chaired firm set up by communist secret services, says MEP‘:

I read the above article with great interest, but have a number of comments regarding your sources.

Yes, sure: Mrs. Jeleva is even today one of the two managing directors of ETKO Schneiders Ltd, etc.

But Ivaylo Kalfin! Isn’t he the ex-Communist Youth activist (in its international division)? Isnt’t he the one whose father was a prominent member of the camarilla of clear-cut gangsters who devised and created “Bulgaria’s former communist services” which Qare still the best-kept secret of the country’s transition, and are deemed to be responsible for stealing much of the country’s wealth?”

Yes, surely enough, we Bulgarians do understand that once we have elected such individuals to any kind of public post, you Europeans have to work and live together with such people. Yes, we do understand that it is very difficult for you to form even a vague idea about who-is-who in our business and political circles.

And we are really sorry.

But as a kind of excuse, please let me help and offer to you and your readers a sort of a manual for ‘Bulgarian Business and Politics Made Easy’:

Rule No. 1: Whoever has or promises big money or influence in or for Bulgaria is a crook and a direct descendant of Bulgarian gangsters or political gangsters (Remark: Exceptions are less than 0.01%);

Rule No. 2: Whoever holds office / was a public servant in a post higher than, say, a teacher is a crook and direct descendant of Bulgarian gangsters or political gangsters, or is directly, or indirectly connected with them (Remark: Exceptions are less than 0.01%);

Rule No. 3: If you meet the guy in your country, and he has paid for his own travel and expenses – same as above;

Rule No. 4: Never trust the guys mentioned in the rules above – they will even kill for the sake of ‘washing their hands’. Ironically enough, this is what kept happening for over 20 years and still happens nowadays in real life in Bulgaria. When I say kill, I mean everything up to and including real assassinations;

Rule No. 5: When a representative of the above-defined groups comes forward with any kind of ‘revelation’, always check the background and ask him an additional 2-3 questions, as for example in the case of Mr. Ivaylo Kalfin – does he consider Mrs. Jeleva to be a defector from the ranks of the ex-communist secret services, owing to the fact that presently she is in the GERB Party, which promised to bring into broad daylight all the stolen money in Bulgaria? Why didn’t he mention anything about the warm connection between Mrs. Jeleva’s husband and the notorious, but already greyish gangster group ‘TIM’? Isn’t this due to his fear of the said ‘TIM Group’, or it is based solely on the fact that they are still loyal to the Bulgarian Socialist Party (author’s remark: please read this as Communist Party – there are no new names and faces in its ranks)?

And finally dear sirs, in order to safeguard you from taking the easy, slippery road branded ‘Bulgaria and everything coming from there is BAD’, which pitifully is a common approach in the foreign media, simply due to the habitual connection between the USSR – Bulgaria – Empire of Evil, I would like to offer for your kind attention a couple of questions which the international community might find worth asking itself:

1. Who gave the first Big Bribe in Bulgaria (BBB) after the fall of the communists?
2. Was this guy an ordinary Bulgarian?
3. Wasn’t it a guy who came with a briefcase of money from abroad to buy something in Bulgaria? And what does ‘abroad’ mean? Is it, say the capital city of Ivory Cost (Yamoussoukro), or is it London, Bonn, Rome or Paris?
4. How many Bulgarians had any capital at all in the end of 1989?
5. If corruption was invented in Bulgaria, why the heck didn’t they register a patent or trade mark for it? It would be much more lucrative than the trade-marked reality shows we are selling to them!

Anyway, it seems to me the easy way is not always the right one! Imagine what would have happened if evolution had taken the easy way – still relying on chlorophyll instead of on gourmet chefs?! How boring!

Personally I choose thinking!

Viktor Gradinarski

TSD Ltd.

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