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The revision of the EU’s Animal Experiments Directive is reaching a critical point, with the EU Council meeting on 14 December to discuss the proposals

Animal experimentation is an issue which attracts a great deal of public concern. A recent opinion survey in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy and the Czech Republic found very large majorities wishing to see bans on the use of primates, cats and dogs as well as on research causing severe suffering or which is not for life-threatening human illnesses. The public also wants to see extensive information about animal experiments, with only personal and confidential information withheld.

Unfortunately, politicians seem intent on ignoring the public. The latest proposals would allow the use of primates, cats and dogs – as well as other animals – for just about any purpose; allow suffering which is both severe and long-lasting, even for primates; allow individual animals to be repeatedly re-used, including where they have already experienced severe suffering; severely limit the circumstances in which available non-animal alternatives have to be used; absolve governments of the responsibility of scrutinising proposals for safety-testing, no matter how trivial the product; allow needless duplication; and only require limited openness and after-the event- review of projects (to enable lessons to be learned for the future).

The EU is capable of much better. The current process is highly secretive and most MEPs have no idea what is being done in their names. There is still time for EU to bring itself back in line with public opinion and vote for modern, humane science and we urge it to do so.

Yours sincerely

Michelle Thew

Chief Executive

European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE)

16a Crane Grove


N7 8LE
Tel: 0207 700 4888

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