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Regarding ‘Lower phone tariffs kick in across EU‘:

Congratulations to the European Commission for forcing mobile phone companies to reduce roaming charges within the EU, but what about the rest of the world?

Last week I was in India, where local mobile companies charge Indian consumers about 1 paise per second = ~1.5 rupees/minute = ~€0.02/minute.

My mobile company (T-Mobile) charges me £1.50 per minute both to make and receive calls.

How can this be justified? Are they trying to compensate for what they see as reduced roaming income in the EU by loading it onto international roaming?

I know that the the European Commission can only regulate on what happens within Europe, but these providers are based in Europe – can the Commission do anything to control how they behave abroad?

Peter Wittner

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  1. The Indian operator charges your European operator for terminating the call in their network, so most of the time the high fee is not charged only because you r operator wants to rip you off.

  2. Peter, no one forces you to use your home network mobile while in India. If you dislike the charges, do not use it. We are (still) in the free world. And regulating everything is called COMMUNISM. And we all know how communism ended.

    I also concur what Samuel said. Indian operators charge the foreign one a fortune for calls made on their network. On average home operator markup in EU on international roaming charges is less than 30%, mostly around 15%, so even the government takes more with their VAT and I do not see anyone complaining about government legally ripping off their citizens.

    But like I said, you have a freedom not to use your T-Mobile mobile while in India. Take a local prepaid SIM card instead. And make local mobile operator unhappy by lowering their revenues from wholesale international roaming in their network. On other side you should understand, that there is no free lunch. Expensive wholesale international roaming calls make for the cheaper local rates. And in some countries those roaming revenues actually keep the network alive for locals.

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