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In response to Dr. Orlin Vushkov’s letter ‘Young people: Do not go back to Bulgaria‘:

Young people, (Bulgarian or not), do come to Bulgaria and bring your wildest ideas and projects! Don’t forget to bring your stubbornness, your patience, your endless creativity and unwary flexibility, too!

Dr. Vushkov: please do not doom your own country and its future so easily!

I am certain you are not the only Bulgarian student disappointed by the difficult situation in Bulgaria. Yet this does not give you the right to banish all hope and good intentions that may be related to the economic development of Bulgaria. Please, try to think about the many countries that do not have even the half of the social, economic or cultural riches Bulgaria has. And you’ll agree you are lucky to be Bulgarian.

I understand that after getting familiar with the undoubtedly easier to live in European system you feel deceived and let down by your own country.

I also understand that avoiding a problem is easier than trying to resolve it. And I understand that corruption is deeply-rooted and difficult to deal with but this is also why it ought to be fought relentlessly. I understand you may have gathered plenty of anger against Bulgarian politicians and the powerful, but these are only one facet of the yet unpolished but nevertheless still a diamond that every country, its people and culture represent.

Another facet of it are its children. The children that are to be born and only to leave the country without any will to come back as you did; or the ones that their parents will deliberately refuse to bear, in order to save them the pain of living in a country that has no youth and resembles an old person forsaken by their children, left to cope with life on their own.

I would like to remind you that Bulgarian culture and traditions are not about egoism and individualism but on the contrary about mutual help and understanding, starting from the family. So, young people, remember to take care of your family and consider your country a part of it too! It was this same family that nurtured you when you were young, wasn’t it?

I, for one, know the difference between the French and the Bulgarian system, because I have lived, studied and worked in both, but you’ll never see or hear me speak ill of either of them.

I have done a bachelor degree in each of the countries, I continue my studies in France and I do not doubt that whenever an educated, hard-working person applies for a job they will be accepted and respected, notwithstanding the existence or personality of a referee.

Veronika Dimitrova

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  1. Dear Veronica,

    As I see by your letter you are still away from BG.

    Let’s wait until you return with your degree and start to look for a decent job in Sofia for example.

    I would like to see your point of view then….

    Until then enjoy the life and in France.


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