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What Europe is really seeking


Regarding ‘Europe desperately seeking leaders‘:

The sad truth is that Europe is not seeking a leader, someone who will be the best professional in his/her field of expertise with a personal opinion and the guts to stand behind this opinion, but that high-ranking EU politicians are seeking the ‘consensus candidate’ – a person so faceless and servile that no party will object to his/her candidature.

The above statement is proven by the fact that the vacant positions are not to be filled by means of an open competition but the candidates are negotiated upon between the member states.

Should Europe really need an energetic and multilingual leader from a small country, I propose my candidacy for any of the vacant posts: I am young and energetic, with two Master of Science degrees in various fields and over eight years of experience in international and national policy development and implementation.

I take an active involvement in democracy and human rights activities, speak English, German and Russian fluently with mother-tongue Bulgarian, and I come from Bulgaria – one of the small member states.

Svetoslav Apostolov

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