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Enough food, too many people


Regarding ‘World Food Summit deepens rich-poor country divide‘:

There can be no meaningful discussion about world hunger and how to solve this problem without addressing popuation growth.

The world has reached its ‘carrying capacity’: a severe shortage of water is staring many countries in the face, and agricultural land has to make way for sprawling city slums.

Parents should be responsible for their children, and not have more children than they can afford to look after, bring up, feed and clothe. I would like world leaders to tackle this politically-sensitive problem urgently.

Birth control is available at clinics all over the world, and no mother can afford to have baby after baby. The West cannot help the developing world if the latter continues to produce nothing except hungry children. The resources the world over are strained to capacity. In the words of Spike Milligan: “there are enough hospitals and schools and houses: there are too many people.”

Please “get real” and slow down population growth- for the sake of our suffering planet and our children!!


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