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Regarding ‘Slovakia could follow Czech Lisbon demands‘:

Neither Slovaks nor Czechs need to worry and complicate the Lisbon Treaty ratification process. The European Charter of Basic Rights, which Mr. Klaus wants to suspend in the case of the Czech Republic, cannot be used retroactively, and therefore cannot be used for any property right claims.

This is just another one of Mr. Klaus’s political maneuvers to gain personal attention and has nothing to do with the consequences of ratifying the treaty for any EU nation.

In the US, and increasingly in the world, Mr. Klaus has been earning a reputation for both himself and unfortunately also for his country, for being a ‘J.M.A’ (jerking me around) practitioner.

Jaroslav B. Tusek

International Leadership Institute

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  1. Vaclav Klaus has reached his aim. A bad day for the European Union. It will never be able to fingerpoint at human rights violations in other countries. 3 million Sudeten Germans and Hungarians were expelled from Czechoslowakia, among them lots of children and elderly people. It was the biggest ethnic cleansing in European history and it won´t be forgotten like the Armenian tragedy which took place a much longer time ago.
    The EU has become a mere economic union. A pity and a big shame and the wrong signal to the rest of the world.

  2. Czechs and Slovaks are just interested in keeping the confiscated German and Hungarian possessions. There is no time limit to the expiration of ethnic cleansing.

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