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A woman EU president


Regarding ‘Hunt continues for women to fill top EU posts‘:

Why not invite Arianna Huffington to be EU president. She is Greek, educated in England, politically savvy, extremely well-connected globally, a businesswoman, started up and runs a large, complex, organisation (The Huffington Post), is multilingual, etc.

She would add a touch of class and glamour to the position and an inveterate networker would help build consensus across the EU. Her managerial skills and ability to delegate would fulfil the administrative needs of the office of president.

Come home, Arianna. Europe needs you.


European citizen

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  1. If the post would be the post of “EU President” this might have been a nice proposal, but the post is not called “EU President” but “President of the European Council” which mainly means the chairman of the meetings of the EU heads of states and governments.

    I don’t think miss Huffington would have the profile to chair the heads of states and governments.

  2. The issue here im the call for a senior and well-respected politician to manage this post as President of the European Council is that we need a dynamic and younger candidate for the role. Since the position will be new and the tenure likely to be for only one period of office then we must think the issue through.
    I agree that the best candidate will almost certainly be a woman but question whether those previously named are young enough. Our candidate preference would be Mrs Dora Bakoyannis the recent Foreign Minister for Greece and former Mayor of the esteemed city of Athens who was also voted World Mayor whilst in that role. Her curriculum vitae and charisma would test the Council and set it forward rather than backward if other staid candidates were chosen.
    Whether Dora Bakoyannis will accept a nomination is not known since she may wish to fight the next election in Greece for Prime Minister as the only candidate of unity in that country. If she were to choose this intermediate role though she would stop all the others in their tracks if she would accept that role.

  3. Sirs, and Mr Editor,

    The impreession given by the elite correspondents here is that We the People of the European Union should have no say in the matter of the President of the Council of the European Union. This is not so and the proposition that the Member Governmments should be the Only Organisations Entitled to proffer or Propose Their candidates and Vote for them is more like a case of ”Jobs for the Boys” rather than real Politic.

    It is totally wrong that the Member States should be the Only ones to be heard here. Why not put up a list for the whole EU Electorate to vote upon? Or is it too reactionary?

    Both Julien Frisch and Carol Horner have proposed other candidates. The proposal though of Ms Huffington is more of an ”establishment choice” whereas the second in Mrs Dora Bakoyannis is definitely not. Dora has by far the widest appeal of all the candidates here and is the best candidate for the job.

    Let us have a real debate here.

  4. As a European Citizen I agree with Carol Horner (a previous post from 2009/10/29) we need someone with the Diplommatic skills of Dora Bakoyannis.

    I have read her credentials and I am for her as well.

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