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Regarding ‘IEA calls for massive investments in carbon capture‘:

It is interesting to do the maths on some of the roadmap proposals from the International Energy Agency.

  • 100 operational CCS plants by 2020? The EU is struggling to have 12 demonstration plants by 2015. So?
  • 3400 CCS plants worldwide by 2050: that’s one every four days. Realistic?
  • The report also mentions the need for 360,000 km of pipeline: that is nine times the circumference of the Earth. Where do we get all the steel?

Willy De Backer


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  1. Sirs,

    I believe the more pertinent question is whether a 450 ppm CO2 atmospheric stablisation level is a achievable given current forecasts for production and consumption. This is what the IEA projections are based on.

    Paul Zakkour

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