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Regarding ‘EU, US mayors stress cities’ role in global warming fight‘:

Perhaps in the drive for increased efficiency and with the prospect of making a real impact on global climate change initiatives, EU Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs should consider the idea of ‘twinning’ with cities in the developing world.

This would serve several purposes. Primarily it would create a win-win scenario whereby European cities would be able to buy carbon credits from their counterparts in the developing world (which are largely surrounded by forest and jungle) whilst providing a real incentive for the developing world to preserve its rainforests and indeed, to increase them.

Secondly it would also provide a vehicle for real knowledge transfer from Europe to the developing world, which could be monitored and audited to provide development that is tangible: a simple suggestion that seems to offer the kind of partnerships we should be seeking with the developing world in our joint quest to preserve our planet.

Maynard Cox-George

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  1. What a fantastic idea, I totally agree with this, this will be one of the proactive ways of addressing the effects of climate change in developing countries. Also it will indeed give countries like Poland that find financing climate change a big hurdle in their economies a new innovative way of assisting developing countries. Additionally it definitely creates more awareness on the climate change issues at grassroot level in developing countries. I hope someone will pick on this very good suggestion.

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