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The Benes Decrees


Regarding ‘Czechs warned they could lose EU commissioner‘:

I thought that the question of the compatibility of the Benes decrees with EU law had been resolved upon accession of the Czech Republic. What I read in official documents was rather convincing, namely that EU law cannot be applied retroactively.

If it were, one could construct the most amazing cases. How about Belgian citizens suing the French for destroying their ancestors’ houses on the Grand Place in Brussels in 1695?

We all know that Mr Klaus is playing delaying tactics, which says a lot about his democratic credentials (or the lack thereof). His move also appears rather daft: The Benes Decrees are a shameful episode in Czechoslovak history whatever way you look at them and pointing to them in 2009 does not do the country any favours.

I am amazed to see that people still want to cash in on Germanophobia, for which there seems to be few takers in Europe. Today, people want German cars, not lessons on German guilt.

Ronald Grünebaum

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