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Regarding ‘Choosing Mr(s). Europe‘:

Whilst the list of eminent names is most assuredly excellent and no doubt the ‘candidates’ have agreed to their names being put forward, there seems to be one missing: Dora Bakoyannis, the retiring foreign minister of Greece.

Bakoyannis is surely the most eminent Greek stateswoman of our time. Having survived attempts on her life to become Mayor of Athens and since she above all has the charisma and characteristics that would endear the whole European Union into the next decade.

Let’s hear it for Dora!

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  1. Dora is possibly a good choice. It depends, however, on whether she is appointed leader of her party, New Democracy, in early November. If she is, she’d probably prefer to stay in Greece and maybe become Prime Minister at the next elections. If she does not win the leadership, then I’m sure she’d be delighted at the post of EU Council President and would probably do quite a good job.

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