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The UK and the Lisbon Treaty


Regarding ‘Germany ends Lisbon ratification saga‘:

If the UK wants to “un-ratify” the Lisbon Treaty after it has formally entered into force as Mr Cameron rather pompously annouces, it would not undo the Treaty. It would just mean that the UK would no longer stick to it.

This would means the exit of the UK from the EU, a move that is long overdue in my opinion. Ironically, the Lisbon Treaty contains the necessary provisions for the UK’s departure.

Of course, even British politicians will not be so stupid. Therefore, they are egging on the Czech president to make sure that the Treaty does not enter into force before they have taken power. Legally we would certainly enter new territory here. Politically, the case is much clearer: Should Mr Klaus abuse his power in such a way, against the will of everybody else, he would be acting in a dictatorial way.

Ronald Grünebaum

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  1. I am really amazed that there still are people who claim that leaving the European Community will only be possible after the ratification and entering into force of the proposed Treaty of Lisbon. These people make it sound as though now, in the absence of the Lisbon Treaty, the European Community is a kind of “life imprisonment” for its Member States.

    This is so not true that it is beyond any imagination!

    Although there is no special “withdrawal clause” in the treaties currently in force, any state can discontinue its membership of the European Community by simply notifying the rest of the Member States.

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