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Regarding ‘Cameron confirms Tories’ Lisbon referendum plan‘:

As a British expat living in France, I would like to express my indignation to the way Mr. Cameron is trying to impose his Eurosceptic views on the pro-European side of the Conservative Party.

I am very involved with French politics and I would like to invite David Cameron to consult us before giving a death sentence to the EU construction.

We as EU citizens have spent many years negotiating the future Lisbon Treaty. It was a completely democratic process. How can one man who has never been in power think of turning over the Lisbon Treaty? Has he ever read the new version?

What will become of the UK’s EU expats if he does have a referendum ? We will certainly not have the right to vote. How can he disrespect us to this extent? Is he that afraid of UKIP ?

Even Margaret Thatcher did not go to these extremes and she negotiated rather than refused everything. He will win the next general election, but before making rash decisions he should consult the MEPS who were members of the EPP-ED group. It was a big mistake to leave the biggest EU party group. What influence do the Conservative MEPS have with their new group?

I am quite ashamed of his recent declarations and I have always been a Conservative.

I would like to meet him face to face to explain the true sense of Europe.

Lesley Joines

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