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Regarding ‘Dutch PM said to be eyeing EU president job‘:

As an Englishman, I think that the Dutch prime minister would make an excellent first president of the European Union. The Netherlands was one of the original founding nations of the EU. A president from one of the smaller member states would also bring balance to the Union’s structures.

For all his many talents, Tony Blair is a controversial and divisive figure. He sent British forces into numerous military adventures, including the illegal war in Iraq. He was an authoritarian leader who introduced many laws infringing civil liberties and he is too pro-American.

I would not trust him to defend Europe’s interests. He had every opportunity to place the UK at the heart of Europe. He made no effort to do so. Even Gordon Brown would make a better candidate.

Mr. Balkenende would make an excellent choice.

Paul Lettan

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  1. The first kabinet (Balkenende 1) fell after around 80 days. The second (Balkenende 2) fell also. We wonder here in Holland if Balkende 3 will reach the finish. Everybody hopes it will fall as soon as possible. J.P. Balkenende is the wrong man for this post.

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