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At the Association for Competitive Technology (ACT) we have been relentlessly fighting for a Community patent for the past five years. We’re happy to see UEAPME joining us in carrying the flag for this important cause. Innovative SMEs can only benefit from the improvements that a one-stop shop for patent protection across Europe would bring: better legal certainty, less red-tape and cost savings.

The current system is complex and divergent between member states, creating an undue burden on innovative entrepreneurs. Having the right policies which provide adequate protection of intellectual property rights will boost innovation in the IT sector.

Without them, Europe will continue to grapple to innovate and grow.

As UEAPME Secretary-General Andrea Benassi pointed out, it is therefore critical that all member states combine efforts and work together to make innovation and the Community Patent a reality.

Jonathan Zuck

Association for Competitive Technology (ACT)

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