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Regarding ‘Barroso unveils five-year plan with 2020 horizon‘:

Your article on European Commission President José Manuel Barroso’s political guidelines correctly highlights his intention to develop a European Digital Agenda under the new EU executive.

As the European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA) we welcome the plan, which correctly identifies the importance of the telecoms industry to Europe’s growth and highlights the need for active intervention to tackle bottlenecks and combat barriers to entry in communications.

A dynamic telecoms sector will play a significant role in driving economic recovery in Europe and an effective pro-competitive policy could increase GDP by up to 2% and create one million jobs across the EU.

While we applaud President Barroso’s emphasis on investing in high-speed Internet, we must stress that infrastructure alone will not deliver results for the European economy. The most important achievement that the new Commission can make would be to ensure that Europe invests in fibre networks which are open to competition so that consumers and business can choose from a diverse range of innovative high-speed services.

We are also interested to understand how President Barroso will ensure that multi-national businesses can receive seamless communications services across the single market when telecoms regulation differs so much in each country.

The incoming Commission must ensure that regulation is effective and provides the open competition and choice needed to foster a dynamic telecoms sector.

Innocenzo Genna

Chairman, ECTA


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