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Regarding ‘UK looks to France for fighting online piracy‘:

The UK government should be applauded for its proposal to take a tougher stance on illegal downloading. Emulating the French government’s recent initiative, it sends a clear signal that decisive action is needed to uphold the rights of creative artists.

Protecting the rights of artists and songwriters in this virtual world presents a challenge right across the creative industries. One of our key priorities as music publishers is to promote an environment in which artists are able to innovate and flourish.

Acknowledging the principle of human rights, we would like to point out that creative artists are citizens too, and have the right to be rewarded for their work. Society should understand that creative rights are a property and that owners have rights which must be protected, just like any other property owner.

The Digital Britain report, which was published in June, recognised the damage that illegal file-sharing is doing to the music industry and set an ambitious goal to reduce it by 70-80% in the next three years. A solution that harnesses the role of ISPs offers a practicable way forward in limiting large-scale infringements. As the European Parliament returns this week, MEPs considering the telecoms package should look to introduce proportionate measures to help curb the unlicensed use of music online.

Yours sincerely

Ger Hatton


International Confederation of Music Publishers


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