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Regarding ‘Intelligent transport raises privacy concerns‘:

Address the root cause of congestion and you resolve the problems.

It is not the number of vehicles on the roads: it is whether they can transit from point A to point B and to do so without stopping.

How much would you save if every trip around the country, city or town was done without stopping at a single intersection?

Make a simple calculation for an entire trip on a major arterial road at an average speed of 70 mph or more.

Yes, the entire trip across any city at 70 and not being held up with congestion, jams and gridlock – and then ask!

How far did you drive today before you hit the red of a traffic light?

Today we must negotiate traffic lights, diamond intersections, roundabouts and many other intersection designs which all succeed in doing one thing and one thing only, particularly at peak times.

They either stop or slow you, and the more there are, the slower traffic speeds become.

Apply restrictive speed limits and any extra lane becomes quickly jammed with vehicles.

‘Liquid Flow Traffic’ intersections resolve these issues. Placed on major arterial roads, they allow all drivers at all times to drive across town and never stop at a single intersection.

Savings to the economy of billions, increasing daily, would go a long way to building infrastructure that works.
This is 21st century thinking and the only infrastructure that will work.

You will drive across town or country in peak traffic and never stop at a single intersection.

Jozef Goj



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