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Regarding ‘Canada vows to challenge EU seal products ban‘:

This cooperation with Canada is inhuman indeed. I think that a large-scale debate should be initiated, to see if there is genuine demand for such products on the market.

I myself would never buy any products made from seals. I agree with reasonable hunting, meaning that the seal population can evolve and exist in normal conditions, but practising exhaustive and abusive hunting is pure suicide for humanity too.

It is much more comfortable, but irresponsible, not to do anything or not to think about better alternatives, and simply sign such a deal in an office. The officials concerned should go out to Antarctica/the North or South Pole and see those who hunt traditionally, not exhaustively or on a large scale, but for a living.

Such people respect the environment. We cannot respect and take care of the environment/educate ourselves from a comfortable office chair. Any directive, strategy or empty talk will be in vain if such a thing is permitted by EU officials.

We live on the same planet as Canada. Such measures and irresponsible actions will not affect me, you, or the signing parties, but always the next generations.

Yours sincerely,

Emese Mate

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